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Elizabeth Blackney, Media and Communications Director, Panzi Hospital and Foundations
Tele: +1 541.390.1913 Skype: @medializzy


Daniel Murhula Musaka, Communications Officer at Panzi Hospital

Prince Mujumbe Salama, Communications Officer at Panzi Foundation DRC and Website & Financial Administrator at ICART
Skype: Prince-Kwamiso

visiting panzi hospital and maison dorcas

Media visitation at the Panzi Hospital and Foundations in DRC requires special arrangements. Please allow six to twelve weeks, at minimum, for scheduling. Our Media and Communications officers will facilitate your visit. Photography and filming on site must be arranged in advance. 

Our medical and holistic healing facilities are also home to many patients, survivors, and abandoned children. Their care, safety, and comfort is our first priority. 

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We coordinate speaking engagements for Dr. Denis Mukwege, the US Board of Directors, other officials and experts in DR Congo, conflict minerals, strategic advocacy, and the Panzi Model developed and implemented by Dr. Mukwege and our team of 470+ surgeons, physicians, clinicians, nurses, lab techs, administrative, and support staff.  

Email us to request a speaker.

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Dr. Denis Mukwege at Panzi Hospital. Photo credit: Elizabeth Blackney for Panzi Hospital and Foundations, February 2016

Dr. Denis Mukwege performs surgery at Panzi Hospital. Photo credit: Daniel Musaka for Panzi Hospital and Foundations

Panzi's Maison Dorcas Aftercare & Transitional Housing Facility. Photo credit: Elizabeth Blackney for Panzi Hospital and Foundations, March 2016

Panzi's Maison Dorcas Aftercare & Transitional Housing Facility. Photo credit: Elizabeth Blackney for Panzi Hospital and Foundations, March 2016

Excerpt from Dr. Denis Mukwege's statement upon receiving the Seoul Peace Prize, 01 September 2016.

Excerpt from Dr. Denis Mukwege's statement upon receiving the Seoul Peace Prize, 01 September 2016.

Rhythm exercises during music therapy at Maison Dorcas. Photo credit: Naama Haviv for Panzi Hospital and Foundations, September 2016

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Humanitarian Innovation Fund Names Panzi Foundation and Make Music Matter Winners of the "Journey To Scale"  Program

(Los Angeles, CA) The Panzi US partnership with Make Music Matter, and our colleagues at Panzi Foundation DRC grows stronger every day. The holistic healing model incorporates innovation and medical research with groundbreaking programs, like our "Healing in Harmony" music therapy program. Participants are survivors of sexual violence, abandoned children, vulnerable community members, and Panzi staff. Together, they are are treated as artists, not patients - and they own their music.

Executive Director Naama Haviv said, "We are honored to work with Darcy Ataman, an incredible innovator, and our dedicated and inspiring team in Bukavu. Healing in Harmony, at its core, has potential for transformative change, not just in women's lives and in communities, but in the broader community of practice. We stand ready to work with the Humanitarian Innovation Fund on our Journey to Scale."

Panzi US Executive Director Naama Haviv with Make Music Matter CEO at the Journey to Scale Retreat with the Humanitarian Innovation Fund. 


A Holistic, Person-Centred Care Model for Victims of Sexual Violence in Democratic Republic of Congo: The Panzi Hospital One-Stop Centre Model of Care

September 2016: Dr. Denis Mukwege Addresses Positive Economy Forum in Le Havre, France


"With gratitude, I thank the Seoul Peace Prize Committee. I am humbled by their decision, and must also acknowledge the heroism of the women and girls of my country, Democratic Republic of Congo.  This prestigious award acknowledges the world has not forgotten them, and the Committee honors their resilience. Together, we will continue our pursuit for peace and equality around the world.

"This award bears the true intent of the Olympic spirit, in the Seoul Games of 1988 and even today in Rio De Janeiro: people of different nationalities, of different races, backgrounds or languages, in a demonstration of global solidarity, and diverse capabilities can forge a path to peace.

"It is a profound honor to be a part of the Seoul Peace Prize Committee’s legacy. The Committee, and the Korean people carry the torch for peace, and with their light – they have made the world aware of the suffering and injustice inflicted upon the Congolese people over the last two decades. In this moment, I must recognize the resilience and strength of Comfort Women, who suffered pain, indignity, violence, and social stigmatization. In their memory, I re-dedicate myself to pursuing peace, reconciliation, and healing for survivors around the world.

"Injustice anywhere on our planet should ring an alarm and I call upon our common humanity to stand together against it. We are stronger for the partnerships we build in peace, in sport, and through love of our fellow human beings."

May 17, 2016 - Statement from Dr. Mukwege on Beni MassacresRead the entire statement below, or at the dedicated link here.

Time 100 Gala, Jazz at Lincoln Center. Photo credit: B. RaeAnne for Panzi Hospital and Foundationa