LEAD THROUGH Panzi Foundation's Nkisi Circle

Nkisi means “sacred medicine.” It is the recognition that healing the body is inexorably tied to healing the mind and spirit. People need safety, security, and sanctuary to recover fully. Your support helps to make Panzi Hospital and Foundations that sanctuary, an oasis of peace where each woman can focus on healing and restoration.

We ask those who join our Nkisi Circle to make a donation of $1,200 or more each year.

As a member of Panzi Foundation’s Nkisi Circle, we invite you to deepen your connection to the women and girls we serve and join in the critical education and advocacy work we do worldwide.

A few special opportunities include:

  • Exclusive Conference Calls: You will be invited to join our staff and leadership for intimate conference calls reserved exclusively for Nkisi Circle members, at least twice each year. You’ll hear first-hand from experts in the field in Congo and beyond, including some of Panzi’s own doctors and practitioners.
  • Invitations to Special Events: You will be the first to be notified about Panzi Foundation events, and earn an exclusive invitation to a private reception with Dr. Denis Mukwege each year.
  • Insider Updates on Our Work: Annual update on Panzi Foundation’s work and progress in our year-end report.
  • Recognition of Your Generosity: You will receive special recognition on our website and in our year-end publication.
  • Token of Thanks: With our gratitude, you will receive a special gift upon induction into the Nkisi Circle.

And the most important benefit of all – knowing that you’re helping women to heal their bodies, rebuild their lives, and restore their communities.