Statement of Executive Director Tony Gambino on the DRC Government Internet Policies - 09 August 2017

(Washington, DC) "President Kabila now violates the Congolese Constitution on a daily basis, with no regard for either rule of law or the sanctity of life. His illegal restrictions on the Internet intensify his government's policy of closing political space by denying the Congolese people their rights to freedom of expression and assembly."

Mr. Gambino is available for interviews. Contact: Elizabeth Blackney, or via phone: +1 541.390.1913.


Panzi Hospital operates a mobile clinic as well as one stop centers, and has treated more than 85,864 girls and women with complex gynecological injuries, more than 50,000 of whom are survivors of sexualized violence. Founder and Medical Director Dr. Denis Mukwege, PhD created our scaleable, sustainable model of medical and holistic healing.

Internationally recognized experts in fistula repair, we understand the healing path of each individual requires much more than medical care alone. Survivors, along with other vulnerable women, have access to Panzi’s best-in-class model of holistic healing: transitional housing, therapeutic counseling, legal aid, community reintegration services and job training.