At Panzi, we're committed to finding, integrating, and innovating on the best, most effective treatments for our holistic healing model. We implement groundbreaking new techniques, and back up our work with the research necessary to evaluate, iterate, and strengthen our innovations.

Our groundbreaking Music Therapy program is one of those key innovations - and we're showcasing it at the World Humanitarian Summit's Innovation Marketplace! Earning one of only 100 spots, our important music therapy program is bringing an immersive experience to Summit attendees. Available at our booth is inspiring music from survivors of sexual violence, who are redefining the healing path through the holistic healing model envisioned, developed, and implemented by Dr. Denis Mukwege. 

Guess who stopped by? UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon joined us for a visit and a listen on Monday, May 23. Our pioneering partner, Darcy Ataman, Founder and CEO of Make Music Matter, was at the ready to explain our program and offer up our first Greatest Hits album. Check out the slideshow below!

Want to hear what the UN Secretary General heard? Check out our Music Therapy Program's first Greatest Hits album, Femme Forte Vol. 1: