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A Dieu, Inge Kool

A Dieu, Inge Kool

Panzi Foundations DRC/USA and the Mukwege Foundation Mourn Inge Kool

On Friday night, January 19, 2018, we lost our dear colleague and friend Inge Kool, deputy director of the Panzi Foundation program in the DRC, in a tragic accident in Europe.

As a member of the Bukavu-based senior staff, Inge greatly contributed to expanding the activities of Panzi Hospital and Foundation DRC in difficult circumstances and with remote constituencies.

She joined the team in Congo on April 13, 2014, and worked closely with the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation and the Panzi Foundation in the United States.

Her job at Panzi DRC involved replicating the Panzi model “One Stop Center” in other places.

She worked to defend human rights and served as DRC Coordinator for the Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones Program of Physicians for Human Rights.

Inge dedicated her career to bringing help and hope to victims of sexual violence in eastern Congo. Through her courageous and tireless efforts, she helped rebuild the lives of many of the most vulnerable people.

She will be missed as a very committed associate to the director, Dr Denis Mukwege. Inge was an inspiring colleague, a dear friend, and a great human being.

The thoughts and prayers of the hospital staff and the Panzi Foundation DRC, the Panzi Foundation USA, and the Mukwege Foundation go to her family.


La Fondation Panzi RDC/USA et la Fondation Denis Mukwege Pleurent INGE KOOL

Vendredi soir 19 janvier 2018, nous avons perdu notre chère collègue et amie Inge Kool, directrice adjointe du programme de la Fondation Panzi en RDC, qui est décédée dans un accident routier tragique en Europe.

Comme cadre du personnel basé å Bukavu, Inge a beaucoup contribué à étendre les activités de l’Hôpital de Panzi et de Fondation Panzi RDC dans les circonscriptions difficiles et éloignées.

Elle a rejoint l’équipe au Congo depuis le 13. avril. 2014 et a travaillé de près avec la Fondation Panzi des Etats-Unis et la Fondation Dr Denis Mukwege.

Son travail à Panzi/RDC a plus consisté à répliquer le modèle de Panzi “One Stop Center” ou guichet unique à d’autres endroits.

Inge a utilisé son temps pour la défense des Droits Humains et a exercé les fonctions de Coordinatrice RDC pour le Programme des Violences Sexuelles dans les Zones de Conflit.

Inge a dédié avec beaucoup de courage sa carrière pour apporter de l’aide et espoir aux victimes de violences sexuelles dans la partie Est de la RDC.

Grâce à ses efforts intrépides et inlassables, elle a aidé pour la réhabilitation de la vie de beaucoup des personnes vulnérables.

Elle nous manquera en tant que bonne collaboratrice du Président du Conseil d’Administration, le Professeur Mukwege, en tant que collègue très engagée, mais aussi en tant qu’amie, et être humain remarquable.

Les pensées et les prières du Professeur Mukwege,des membres du personnel de l’Hôpital de Panzi, de la Fondation Panzi RDC, de la Fondation Panzi USA et de la Fondation Mukwege vont à sa famille.


Photo Credit: Lauren Wolfe

#GivingTuesday Contest!

#GivingTuesday Contest!

Through #MyGivingStory, we hope to learn more about you and your connection to fighting sexualized violence, and what inspires you to join us in supporting  the vulnerable women and children we serve, our indefatigable colleagues,  and everyone who lives on the frontline of the humanitarian crisis in Congo. 

Here's how it works: Visit and upload your story, photo(s), or video and let them know why Panzi Foundation USA and Dr. Mukwege inspire YOU to give!

Every entry, every story creates a chance for PanziUSA to receive up to $10,000! And if you recruit 3 other people (friends, family, colleagues) to submit their giving story and we will highlight your story on #GivingTuesday social media channels - and so will the generous folks at #GivingTuesday!

Make sure you tag us on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook- use our campaign hashtags #PanziStrong or #FemmeForte with #MyGivingStory for your chance to be featured on our site and receive a special gift made at Maison Dorcas. 

Thank you for lifting your voice for Survivors everywhere, especially the 50,000 women and children treated at Panzi Hospital and Maison Dorcas in eastern Congo. Together, we are #PanziStrong!

#MyGivingStory: Heal. Hope. Live.

#MyGivingStory: Heal. Hope. Live.


Escalating violence, political instability, and corruption are a continuous threat. Vulnerable citizens and traumatized survivors of sexual violence require services - and at Panzi Hospital and Maison Dorcas - there is sanctuary. 

Last year, your dedication to supporting the children and women we serve every day was unprecedented. This year, we are inviting to to tell us your Giving Story. Through #MyGivingStory, we hope to learn more about you and the community we've built together - with our Founder, Dr. Denis Mukwege and the courageous doctors, clinicians, and staff in Congo. 

As we tell our stories, and share stories from our friends and partners, we want to hear from you. Tag us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook- use our campaign hashtags #PanziStrong or #FemmeForte with #MyGivingStory for a chance to be featured on our site and our year end newsletter, and receive a special gift made at Maison Dorcas. 

Thank you for your generous support and helping us lift the voices of more than 50,000 women and children in eastern Congo. Together, we are #PanziStrong!




In our work with Panzi Hospital and Panzi Foundation DRC, we provide support to survivors of rape perpetrated by militias and other bad actors in eastern Congo. 

Co-Founded in 2010 by Dr. Denis Mukwege with Dr. Lee Ann De Reus, Panzi USA scheduled a delegation to attend the Partners Conference in Bukavu, South Kivu province in May 2017. The visit would have marked Dr. De Reus' tenth to Panzi facilities. Our Executive Director Tony Gambino has been traveling to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) regularly since 1979 in many capacities, including as the Mission Director for USAID in Kinshasa for three years.

The Kabila government, which continues to violate the Congolese Constitution, denied travel visas for Dr. Lee Ann De Reus and Tony Gambino.

Dr. De Reus stated: "As the Panzi Model continues to show clinical progress and benefits to families and society, we are with our colleagues every step of the way. Documenting success at Panzi, and how they overcome the many challenges presented in a conflict zone, are critical for our work."

President Kabila and his government cannot silence the voices of our colleagues and the many Congolese who want free and fair elections by denying Americans travel visas. President Kabila is well beyond his Constitutional mandate. By denying our team their visas, it only confirms the democratic space and the humanitarian space is closing in Congo.

Executive Director Tony Gambino noted: "This is yet another clear example of the Kabila government's sad decline into an autocratic defiance of all decency and respect for humanitarian norms."


Healing in Harmony Begins #JourneytoScale

Healing in Harmony Begins #JourneytoScale

Humanitarian Innovation Fund Names Panzi's Healing in Harmony Music Therapy Program
Winner on the "Journey to Scale" 

(Los Angeles, CA) The Panzi US partnership withMake Music Matter, and our colleagues at Panzi Foundation DRC grows stronger every day. The holistic healing model incorporates innovation and medical research with groundbreaking programs, like our "Healing in Harmony" music therapy program. Participants are survivors of sexual violence, abandoned children, vulnerable community members, and Panzi staff. Together, they are are treated as artists, not patients - and they own their music.

Executive Director Naama Haviv said, "We are honored to work with Darcy Ataman, an incredible innovator, and our dedicated and inspiring team in Bukavu. Healing in Harmony, at its core, has potential for transformative change, not just in women's lives and in communities, but in the broader community of practice. We stand ready to work with the Humanitarian Innovation Fund on our Journey to Scale."

Ediitor's Note: Photographs feature participants in the Healing in Harmony program. Photo Credit: Panzi Foundation USA. Interviews will be granted in order received. Please contact Elizabeth Blackney, tele +1 541.390.1913 or via email: