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#MyGivingStory: Heal. Hope. Live.

#MyGivingStory: Heal. Hope. Live.


Escalating violence, political instability, and corruption are a continuous threat. Vulnerable citizens and traumatized survivors of sexual violence require services - and at Panzi Hospital and Maison Dorcas - there is sanctuary. 

Last year, your dedication to supporting the children and women we serve every day was unprecedented. This year, we are inviting to to tell us your Giving Story. Through #MyGivingStory, we hope to learn more about you and the community we've built together - with our Founder, Dr. Denis Mukwege and the courageous doctors, clinicians, and staff in Congo. 

As we tell our stories, and share stories from our friends and partners, we want to hear from you. Tag us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook- use our campaign hashtags #PanziStrong or #FemmeForte with #MyGivingStory for a chance to be featured on our site and our year end newsletter, and receive a special gift made at Maison Dorcas. 

Thank you for your generous support and helping us lift the voices of more than 50,000 women and children in eastern Congo. Together, we are #PanziStrong!