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Healing in Harmony Begins #JourneytoScale

Healing in Harmony Begins #JourneytoScale

Humanitarian Innovation Fund Names Panzi's Healing in Harmony Music Therapy Program
Winner on the "Journey to Scale" 

(Los Angeles, CA) The Panzi US partnership withMake Music Matter, and our colleagues at Panzi Foundation DRC grows stronger every day. The holistic healing model incorporates innovation and medical research with groundbreaking programs, like our "Healing in Harmony" music therapy program. Participants are survivors of sexual violence, abandoned children, vulnerable community members, and Panzi staff. Together, they are are treated as artists, not patients - and they own their music.

Executive Director Naama Haviv said, "We are honored to work with Darcy Ataman, an incredible innovator, and our dedicated and inspiring team in Bukavu. Healing in Harmony, at its core, has potential for transformative change, not just in women's lives and in communities, but in the broader community of practice. We stand ready to work with the Humanitarian Innovation Fund on our Journey to Scale."

Ediitor's Note: Photographs feature participants in the Healing in Harmony program. Photo Credit: Panzi Foundation USA. Interviews will be granted in order received. Please contact Elizabeth Blackney, tele +1 541.390.1913 or via email: