The future of Panzi Hospital

Over the past two decades, Panzi Hospital has established its reputation as a refuge for survivors of sexual violence seeking holistic care and for delivering mothers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Now, it is time to expand our work across the globe.

The renovation and expansion of Panzi Hospital will allow us to make real the vision of Dr. Denis Mukwege: a world where survivors of sexual violence have access to the care and services they need to rebuild their lives, and where eventually rape is no longer used as a weapon of war.

We will do this by ensuring that Panzi Hospital is the preeminent training center for medical practitioners specializing in the treatment of survivors of sexual violence and severe gynecological trauma. We will serve as a global center of excellence for holistic healing, ensuring that our innovative four-pillar model is replicated in other areas of conflict across the globe. Our practical training will be met with increased advocacy and awareness-building, as we work with governments and other civil society organizations to draw a red line against impunity and to call for reparations for survivors.

Our dedication to these survivors around the world will match the commitment we have to the women of our community. We will continue to provide them with high-quality maternal health services, constantly adapting to offer the most innovative and life-saving care possible. And lastly, we are firm in our belief that health care is a human right, and that every person who seeks medical treatment at Panzi Hospital receives it. In doing so, we will solidify our reputation as a global, regional, and local center of excellence for the treatment of survivors of sexual violence, the treatment of delivering mothers and their children, and the treatment of all people.

Join us in making our vision a reality.

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