“In all the conflicts around the world, the use of rape as a weapon of war should not go unpunished. If we all stand up and say ‘It is not acceptable,’ I know this can be solved.” - Dr. Denis Mukwege

Dr. Mukwege with fellow members of the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council

(Photo credit: G7 France)


Dr. Mukwege is committed to using his international platform to bring the voices of women, vulnerable communities, and civil society leaders to the halls of international power. Dr. Mukwege serves as an advisor to the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council and holds high-level meetings with dignitaries such as UN Secretary General António Guterres, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, members of the United Nations Security Council.


in congo

Panzi’s innovative Badilika (Change) Program works to increase the accountability of the Congolese government and local authorities to protect human rights, reduce women’s vulnerability, and practice good governance. By making critical investments in local, Congolese civil society organizations and providing technical support and trainings, our Badilika staff is working to ensure that all Congolese citizens are aware of their rights, their responsibilities, and the accountability they should be able to expect from their leaders. Our team has worked with more than 750 grassroots civil society organizations in the provinces of South Kivu, North Kivu, and Maniema. Building and supporting coalitions, Panzi is building civil society’s capacity to address the root causes of violence and rebuild Congolese communities on principles of human rights and gender equality.

Organizations supported through Badilika are making real advances in their own communities. One has shut down brothels complicit in the recruitment of young girls in to prostitution, and is launching a class-action lawsuit to win restitution for vulnerable families whose homes were demolished without due compensation.