The number of mass rapes perpetrated by armed militia in the Democratic Republic of Congo is increasing rapidly, and we need your help.

Rapid response teams consisting of doctors, nurses, psychologists, and legal advocates from Panzi Hospital have mobilized to provide emergency care to victims of mass rapes. These support teams traveled over seven hours by foot in dense and dangerous forest to reach the afflicted villages, in which nearly every woman and child had been raped by armed militiamen. Since then, these heroes have continued to respond to such attacks at great personal risk, as militias are eager to kidnap humanitarian missions for monetary gain and to prevent these villages from receiving care.

Unfortunately, history has shown us that these mass rapes absolutely will intensify with the increased political turmoil expected surrounding the upcoming presidential election at the end of December. Panzi is working with its partners to develop contingency plans and ensure that every survivor of sexual violence receives the holistic care that she needs to rebuild her life, but we need your help. 

Will you join our rapid response team by making a donation to our emergency campaign today? In doing so, you will ensure that Dr. Mukwege and his team have the resources necessary to end rape as a weapon of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo and beyond, and be joining a team of heroes.


In addition, we continue to seek urgent funding to support  front-line physical and psychosocial care for survivors of sexualized violence and other vulnerable women at Panzi Hospital, as well as for key activities to help these women rebuild their lives, families, and communities at our Maison Dorcas after-care center. 

With each one-time or monthly gift, we can offer critical services that meet the immediate and long-term needs of women and girls, families, and whole communities in eastern Congo.

Your gift can help us support:

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