Scheduling requests are reviewed weekly by the appropriate Panzi Hospital and Foundations staff. Invitations must be submitted to A member of our staff will confirm receipt and guide you through the approval process. Visits to the Panzi Hospital and Foundations require a minimum for four to six weeks for processing. For additional information please visit our media page.

Dr. Denis Mukwege travels from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and various cities around the world. When Dr. Mukwege is unavailable, a surrogate from the Panzi Hospital, Panzi Foundation DRC, or Panzi Foundation USA may be available.

Panzi Hospital and Panzi Foundation DRC staff travel from Bukavu, DRC. Please email your request, and we will assist in logistics coordination.

The Panzi Foundation USA Board of Directors and Staff travel primarily from Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC and other cities across the United States.

Once your event has been approved, a member of our staff will collaborate with you to develop and manage logistics. Hosts and hosting organizations should be prepared to meet the following criteria:

  • Dr. Mukwege will be accompanied by one staff member from the DRC on all travel. When in Europe, he will also be accompanied by a European or US Based staff member. On travel outside of Europe and Africa, he will be accompanied by at least one staff member from DRC and one from Panzi Foundation USA.

  • Dr. Mukwege's Business class airfare, and Coach class airfare for designated staff will be provided. In the event Dr. Mukwege is unavailable, his designee will be provided Coach class airfare.

  • Airport transfers and Hotel accommodations will be provided for the duration of stay. Hotels must have official security protocol, to be approved by Chief of Security for the Panzi Hospital and in consultation with PFUSA staff.

  • Appropriate credentials for staff will also be provided.

  • Suggested speech text will be provided no less than 14 (fourteen) days prior to scheduled event. Once finalized, Remarks as Prepared will be submitted in French and English.

  • Scheduling requests must clearly state the host/hosting organization purpose, and all meetings under consideration for the duration of the itinerary.

  • When traveling outside of the DRC, media scheduling will be reviewed by PFUSA Media and Communications Director. Suggested speech text must be submitted for review more than 14 days in advance. Speech text will be reviewed and translated into English and French.

  • Media requests and interviews will be reviewed and coordinated by PFUSA and DRC staff.

  • Hosting organizations will be advised of Security protocols and costs for Dr. Mukwege in advance. All protocols will be reviewed with PFUSA and DRC staff. All appearances are subject to security review. Security compliance protocols will be reviewed as necessary.

  • Honorariums must be negotiated in advance.

  • Security protocols for Dr. Mukwege. and all Panzi Hospital and Foundations staff, will be reviewed with appropriate PFUSA and DRC staff. All appearances are subject to security review. Security compliance protocols will be reviewed as necessary. Security will be paid for by hosting organizations.