Panzi Hospital and Foundation’s world-renowned four-pillar holistic healing model works to meet the full spectrum of needs for survivors of sexualized violence, women who have suffered complex gynecological injuries, and vulnerable populations throughout South Kivu. We create a safe and healing space that supports not only women’s physical healing, but fosters their emotional recovery, helps to rebuild their livelihoods and contributes to the long-term, sustainable restoration of their communities.

The Panzi Hospital and Foundations family has provided compassionate, healing support to more than 85,000 women and girls, over 50,000 of whom have been survivors of sexualized violence. We invite you to meet one of these women: Furaha. 

40% - 60% of women treated at Panzi Hospital are unable to return to their homes after medical treatment, because of the extent of their injuries, ongoing violence, or, most often, the deep stigma associated with sexual violence and fistula. These women continue along their healing journey at Maison Dorcas, our innovative after-care center and community center. Our four-pillar holistic healing model includes physical care, psychosocial support, community reintegration services, and legal assistance.